The Maine Historical Wargamers Association is a not-for-profit organization promoting history, toy soldiers, and the hobby of wargaming. More like a loose confederation of smaller clubs throughout the state, we run three game days each year (February, Summer, and October, generally) which are free and open to the public.  These game days are held at the Winter Street Center in Bath.  In addition, the MHWA offers two members and guests (membership is $35 per year) game days, and a holiday party.

Huzzah! is the annual historical wargaming convention organized by the Maine Historical Wargamers Association.  Started in 2010, Huzzah! brings together wargamers and wargaming clubs from throughout New England.  Approximately 200+ attendees visit the show, along with game masters, vendors, guests and casual passersby.  Huzzah! consists of over 70 events spread across the three days, including tournaments (Impetus, Flames of War, Bolt Action), how-to painting sessions, presentations by authors and guests, and lots of terrific games.  Our game masters, who hail from across the region, bring some of the most beautiful miniatures and terrain to the convention, and really well crafted scenarios.